Saint Theresa Parish

a Roman Catholic Community

Phoenix, Arizona

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of Masses
updated 4/19/21

Weekend Masses

4:00pm Saturday

7:00am        9:00am (stream on YouTube)      11:00am

5:00pm Sunday

  • Reservations for Weekend Masses have been discontinued effective April 24/25

    • most Masses have not been reaching our established capacity

    • 9:00am Mass continues to have the largest attendance

      • we ask that those interested in attending not “rush” the 9am Mass now that reservations are discontinued

      • the previous seating capacity/limit remains (about 250)

      • those attending are expected to maintain normal physical distancing

      • parishioners are encouraged to investigate other Mass times if they feel that the 9am Mass is too full

      • our desire is that those attending will exercise good judgement so that attendance restrictions do not need to be reinstated

  • Masks or other fabric face coverings continue to be required
  • Communion for those attending via livestream will be offered in the Convent Chapel following 9:00am Mass until 10:45am



Daily Mass

6:30am  Monday through Friday

8:00am  Saturday

  • Masks or other fabric face coverings continue to be required at Daily Mass


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Wednesday  5:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday  9:00am - 10:00am

or by appointment with a priest

  • Confessions will take place in the south vestibule of the church (COVID-19 precautions prohibit use of the confessionals)

  • The main vehicle gates near the traffic light will be open for your convenience

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