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Adult Faith Formation

Let's Connect!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

 -José Reyes | 602-840-0850

I'm New

Prayer & Fellowship Sundays

A Sunday evening filled with family-friendly fellowship and prayer.  Be yourself and meet parishioners in a relaxed setting.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to dip your toe, or deep dive into St. Theresa Parish community. 

See below for future events!

   Other Activities   

I Want to Grow

Foundations For Discipleship

We believe this twelve-week study is one of the best starting points to cultivate your faith.  The discussion-driven environment meets you where you are and equips you in taking the next step. 

Join a Small Group

Small Group Faith Study


Another great place to start!  You will progress in holiness with others in your small group.


Connect with a leader below to join an existing study, or Contact José if you would like to start a small group yourself. 

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