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Prayer Chain Sign-Up

We are asking parishioners to pray for our parish community, nation, and world amidst COVID-19.  If you are willing to commit to praying daily for these intentions, please sign up below!  We will have a list of all of those signed up for this prayer chain available online so that you can see all of those connected in prayer!

Families & Parishioners Signed Up To Pray

The Braccio Family
Lynn Cassidy
Mary Castner
Gina Keating
Margaret Licosati
Janie Horn
Susan Forcum
The Field Family
The Amabile Family
Julie Meinershagen
Mary Jordan-Soto
Amina Steblay
Nancy Gress
Barbara McDowell
Cheryl Vyfhuis
Bridgette McNally
Peggy Sandahl
Kathryn Lewis
Lori Satran
Lindsey Keeler
Anne Vogel
Patricia Beall
Yvonne Sandweiss
Al & Peg Frei
Villanueva Family


Cheryl Lienau
George Moore
Maureen Schaaf
Kimberly Scott
Carrie Vinesky
The Linza Family
Patricia Niebling
Molly Woods
Christy Tyson
Dawn McDowell
Andy Niebling
Chris & Lezlie Campisano
The Stevens Family
Jennifer Surges
Cathy Martin
Audrey Kirkegaard
Lupe Mares
Ed & MaryAnn Gray
Lori Ryan
Christine Lowery-Nunez
Shellie Andreen
John Brant
Elizabeth (Betty) Gurka

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