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Prayer Chain Sign-Up

We are asking parishioners to pray for our parish community, nation, and world amidst COVID-19.  If you are willing to commit to praying daily for these intentions, please sign up below!  We will have a list of all of those signed up for this prayer chain available online so that you can see all of those connected in prayer!

Families & Parishioners Signed Up To Pray

The Braccio Family
Lynn Cassidy
Mary Castner
Gina Keating
Margaret Licosati
Janie Horn
Susan Forcum
The Field Family
The Amabile Family
Julie Meinershagen
Mary Jordan-Soto
Amina Steblay
Nancy Gress
Barbara McDowell
Cheryl Vyfhuis
Bridgette McNally
Peggy Sandahl
Kathryn Lewis
Lori Satran
Lindsey Keeler
Anne Vogel
Patricia Beall
Yvonne Sandweiss
Al & Peg Frei
Villanueva Family
Ramona Howard
Jami Bauer


Cheryl Lienau
George Moore
Maureen Schaaf
Kimberly Scott
Carrie Vinesky
The Linza Family
Patricia Niebling
Molly Woods
Christy Tyson
Dawn McDowell
Andy Niebling
Chris & Lezlie Campisano
The Stevens Family
Jennifer Surges
Cathy Martin
Audrey Kirkegaard
Lupe Mares
Ed & MaryAnn Gray
Lori Ryan
Christine Lowery-Nunez
Shellie Andreen
John Brant
Elizabeth (Betty) Gurka
Irma Reed
Christine Francis

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